My thoughts and war times

. . . Emotional dairy ...

I consciously wrote phrase "War times" in the title for this post. I did it in order to say that war has the beginning and it has the end and it should be finished. We all, who live under war circumstances in Ukraine or left ones homes, want to have hope for war finish and hope for Ukraine to stay Ukraine in its borders and on its land. 

We live in difficult times. 24-th of February 2022 russian invasion strated its action in Ukraine and as my family and I, we lived very close to the north part of border in Ukraine, I took my children and grannies and went to the western Ukraine. 

Now I know the first essential thing:

 "Vital Decisions should be taken very quickly in times if war, because a little delay can cost you life."

24 Fabruary 2022

Russian Army at 5.00 started war against Ukraine. 

At 5.01  24.02.2022 I heard sounds of bombing. 

We knew that it was the beginning of full scale war against Ukraine. But emotionally I was not ready for that. 

One hour later I was driving to take my mother-in-law to our place of living and heard one more bomb hit sound really close to me. 

Today my thoughts roamed around this thing:

"Only together we will stop this nightmare."

5 days before the war I took one long bandage and started teaching my two children of 6 and 13 how to stop the bleeding on the leg or on the hand. The elder daughter was laughing and telling: "That is bullshit, I don`t need it".  

Now on the 4-th day of war my children know how to make bandage, they sleep weared in the clothing they were during the day, in order to be quick, in order to run to bomb shelter immidiately. 😓

They know what war is already. Being frank, they don`t realize the full horror, how it can be and what the result can be. Perhaps their psychology saves them from awarenes of the horror?!

My main activity is photography, I consider it to be closely related to psycholodgy, that is why here will be thoughts and scientific proves concerning emotions spiced up with photography.

Right away when the war started on the 24-th of February, we all had messy thoughts. Thanks God, my family and I, we had time to escape and not to plunge into battle fields.

My creative activity such as my website resuscrating and photo shooting help me to renew my personal emotional condition.

I`ve already done a lot, but this project "Storytelling Photographer", I consider to be in the very beginning. There will be a lot of interesting in it. Photo shooting and excursions, Ukrainian traditions, Ukrainian cuisine messed up with photography, self development, Fine Art and emotions as well.

I always felt enormous desire to share information and help people. Later on I understood that my calling is to share not only emotions through photography, but traveling and comfort way of living with the world as well. Exactly in that moment there appeared a vision how to do that. 

There are some helpful advices that can help you feel better in difficult times and become better version of yourself.