How I heal myself

. . . Emotional dairy ...

We all have a lot of thoughts and emotions. Every day we talk with ourselves deeply in thoughts. This portion of thoughts and discovered information is about how to help yourself and how to save yourself. 

#1  Feel bad?  Depression?  

In everyone`s life there come times of troubles, bad mood, job problems, grieves or family troubles. Sometimes we hope for somebody`s help or blame close people, but we need to stop and think over one thing:

Who can help me? 

Can I help myself?  

How can I help myself?

Reading a lot of books and stories I came to the simple conclusion:

When you take responsibility on yourself - you don`t blame anybody!

When you blame anybody - You don`t take responsibility on yourself!

Only this way one starts CONSCIOUS life. 

You can easily help yourself! How to do that?

The friend of mine said that when he is broken, he doesn't  buy vodka and get drunk or start smoking, but he puts his sport wear on and starts running. 

People, who are in stress or feel bad and start physical activity, feel better.

Very often, when I was sad and I thought that I couldn't do a thing, I made efforts,  took photo camera and started photo shooting. 

Several times when I had bad mood and was almost broken, I took camera and made self photo session. 

It helped me to go out of frustration. It worked as psychotherapy. The photos were emotional and really different from other made poses ones. All photo shootings I do, I test on myself. I test my emotions and feelings in the process.

In the times of  depression or laziness 

the main thing to do 

is just to count to 5 and DO!

#2   Study is development and progress!     Laziness  is degradation!

Do different thing, the thing you never did but wanted for a long time. Do the thing that can lead you to your dream only for 15 minutes a day. Do it regularly. In the result of  a certain period of  time and regular repetition of an action you will be there you wanted and didn`t dare before.

After being active for 3 years on Google maps,   I was invited as one of Most active Women Local Guides of Ukraine for a conference On the 26-27-th of October 2019. We gathered together in Chernihiv to meet and to exchange the knowledge how to make Google maps better. This event was unforgettable.  

to be continued ...