Ukrainian business reality.

Life for people in Ukraine and from Ukraine is divided for Before and After

Before the war had started, while I was traveling and photo shooting I discovered unique people and interesting places. Be it in Ukraine or in Europe, I asked their allowance to take photos of them

Unfortunately, nowadays, after the 24th of February 2022 during the Marshal Law businesses are forbidden to add their spots on the map and do some changes. Still they do try to work and pay taxes.  

I don`t know how it works now, but I want to share such nice places of Ukraine with you. 

Do what you can, do where you are, do how you can!

(most entrepreneurs say this motto after the war began in Ukraine)

... because the economy must work and the country will live. 

In 2022, most people started changing their jobs. Less art and more practical. But as I see some friends of mine don`t stop and push art and earn money and develop Ukrainian Art more than ever. Others found the values they were looking for, because the desire to follow them now, during the war is more than ever.