War times photography 

Have you ever payed attention to the effect you get from photos?

Sometimes I don`t want to write a lot of words, but feel that the photos will tell more than thousand words. 

My intension is not to make you horrified with these photos. I tried to see and to show beauty through my lens.

These photos were taken during the first 6 month of 2022 year (full scale invasion of Ukraine) in  repeated expectation of air alarm and between air missile bombing.

Just try to tell what you feel when you look at these photos? 

Horror? Uncertainty? Anxiety?

With this photo I wanted to show that a woman tries to stop her man, putting her hand on the top of his hand.

On this photo is shown that he has no choice. He should defend his family and his Motherland.

A series of photos were taken on the 10-th day of the full scale war in Ukraine. I was in sock state, but wanted to help my country somehow and decided to what I love and can do at that moment. 

I took photos of women, who got ready fiber stripes for Molotov cocktail, got ready volunteer aid and did other actions that could be useful for people who stayed in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy.

Those photos make me sad and in despair even now. If I will be able to make myself publish, I will do that.